our tree.

we got our tree.
it might be the prettiest one we’ve ever gotten.
it sat on our front porch for a few days
with lights strung on it.



then we brought it in the house.
i am loving the smell.
oh, goodness it is delicious.



the next morning, D started sneezing like crazy.
so i washed every single thing i could find
in the bigs’ room.
because there was no way
that he was going to be allergic to a real tree.
not if i had anything to do with it.
so now he’s fine.
it wasn’t the tree.




it still doesn’t have any ornaments,
but we’ll get to that soon.


 and just so you all know,
we have been majorly failing
at our advent calendar this year.
somehow, our nights have been
super wild and chaotic.

so the bigs and i started to catch up tonight
and as i was going through
each Bible verse
from the last FIVE nights,
i saw four glassy eyes staring back at me.

so, i’m changing things up for us.
i’ve decided to go through the
Jesus Storybook Bible with them
using this advent schedule.

but i’m keeping it real here, people…
we couldn’t find either of our
two Jesus Storybook Bibles.
they are both in our
car which is currently in the shop.
so tomorrow…
tomorrow, we will get back on track.
and as i told my kids tonight,
good thing there’s grace,
because there’s no way
we could ever get to heaven on our own.


and i read this and was really, really encouraged.
you should read it to.
unless you don’t need to be encouraged.

Be imitators of God,
therefore, as dearly loved children
and live a life of love,
just as Christ loved us
and gave himself up for us
as a fragrant offering
and sacrifice to God.
Ephesians 5:1



2456. hearing B talk on the phone
2457. feeling creative again
2458. having room to think
2459. knowing what my game plan is
2460. bright yellow leaves

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