oh goodness.
i’m sorry that i haven’t
posted this until now.

life has happened.
and continues to happen.
but here it is today!


here is the diy advent calendar
that I made a few years back.
well, B hated those turquoise branches.
the ones that adorned our mantle
throughout all the seasons.

and somehow, i agreed
to let him throw them out this summer.

so i needed to figure out a different way
to hang our advent calendar this year.

and in typical Hill style,
it quickly became much more complicated
than i had originally intended.
of course it did.


i decided to paint some clothes pins
the same glorious color as our picnic table.
but then i forgot that i left them outside to dry
while it rained.

yeah, so it took them a bit longer
to dry than i had originally anticipated.


and then, as i was painting them,
i wondered if the proper way
to paint clothes pins was to
remove the spring first.
but i was already committed to
painting the entire thing
by the time i had that thought.


so then i hung
the little bundles in an neat little row
over our mantle
(it keeps falling down on the left side
so i’ll need to do something about that.)
and, number six is empty and i haven’t rewritten it yet.
just so you know.



so there you have it.
a little peek inside
the few Christmas decorations
we have inside our house.
so far.



and if you’re looking to get something fabulous for Christmas,
look no further than Cleure.
i have been using these skin care products
for three months now
and i am absolutely in love.


they are free from all the junk
that is in most products
and their motto is
“what goes on — goes in.”


my skin is very sensitive and
before i started using
Cleure body lotion
i had a very hard time
finding lotion
that would not irritate my skin.
i also love the day and night creams.
i love, love, love them.

put on the new self,
created to be like God
in true righteousness and holiness.
Ephesians 4:24


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