her eyes.

i haven’t talked about
my little K’s eyes
on the blog yet.



there really hasn’t been any good reason
other than the fact that that was
one little moment
amongst three gazillion other moments
whizzing by.
but here i am today,
talking about her precious little eyes.


this past spring
(yes, ages ago)
B and i started noticing that
K would close her left eye in the bright sun.
and then, when i would ask her
to do something mundane
(like put her shoes away or brush her teeth)
she would cross her eye.
at the time, i thought she was crossing both eyes.



we had many a conversation
about how special it was
that she could cross her eyes like her dad
(i am sadly, unable to cross my eyes)
but that there were proper moments
to do that and improper moments.


the crossing started happening more frequently
and one morning, i dropped her off for preschool
and asked her teachers if they had seen anything
and they said they hadn’t.
well, when i picked her up that very same day,
they pulled me aside and told me she did it all morning.


i got to watch her dance at ballet
and realized she was crossing them then, too.
i immediately emailed our pediatrician
(what a blessing that is)
and she wanted her to see an ophthalmologist asap.



my mind started going wild
because L’s ophthalmologist
has said that he doesn’t need to see L
unless his eyes start crossing
(which often happens with a brain abnormality).
so my mind immediately went to the
possibility of K having the same brain abnormality that L has
and that it was just undetected until that moment.


i tried to get K in to see L’s amazing doctor
but he wouldn’t see her
because she didn’t have a
confirmed neurological disorder.


so we went to a different doctor
who diagnosed her with something called
accomodative esotropia.
basically, one of her eyes has a hard time focusing
and so it just turns inward (crosses).
if it is not caught, that eye can go blind.
surgery is a possibility but
we aren’t at that point yet.


and that was the beginning of K’s glasses journey.
my uber fashionable sister
helped us pick her adorable frames
and if i see K without her glasses on
(which is only when she wakes up
and a moment before she goes to sleep)
it doesn’t even look like her.
we have all grown accustomed to
these black rims around her eyes.


Warm Sugar Doll Glasses  eyeglasses for doll  customized doll accessories  glasses for custom doll  cloth doll

and i am thinking about getting her
one of these adorable dolls
for Christmas… with glasses, of course.


Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth,
words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known
the mystery of the gospel,
for which I am an ambassador in chains.
Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.
Ephesians 5:19-20


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