day forty six.outside all day long

why did today seem so long?
maybe because it was such a lovely day and
we should have been at the beach.
all day long.
instead, we were at home all day long.

we made homemade bubbles. it took about 10 minutes to get it set up. D was done before i could even snatch a photo of him. then he said, “what are we doing next?” apparently, he wasn’t impressed. luckily, K was!

we played in the backyard almost the entire day.
we had a picnic table as well as a picnic blanket set up.
the kids did art on the easel, washed all of their little vehicles, watered the plants, and we (i.e. me)
even managed to clean it up a little bit.

my happy little kitchen helper.

peanut butter face.

leaving for our long walk which took nearly an hour
(and yes, we only went two blocks).

we didn’t quite make it home in time for his nap.
he didn’t seem to mind.

the aircraft carrier that K purposely destroyed
the moment D went in his room.

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