capturing and sharing.

i haven’t been doing a lot of creating lately.
especially with photographs.
it’s been more of a “get things done” season these days.
which has been wearing.
and long.


but now things are slightly slowing
and i am making it a priority to
more photos.


i’ve gotten a lot of questions about the owls.
we used white air dry clay
to make them
and i may
(or may not)
let the children paint them.
i haven’t decided yet.

honestly, it was one of the very first projects
that all thee of my kids could participate in.
meaning, L did not try to throw or eat the clay.
he loved it.
and he wanted to do what the big kids were doing.
it warmed my heart.
that, and the gigantic cup of coffee
i allowed myself to have at 4:30pm.


so go and make some.
they are just so delicious.


Grace to all
who love our Lord Jesus Christ
with an undying love.
Ephesians 6:24


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