just follow the frog.

i was looking for D the other day.
but then i realized that all i need to do was
just follow the frog.

sure enough, D was outside 
and had halphazardly dropped the frog on his way out. 

he got this real-looking frog for Christmas from a neighbor.
i have been trying to convince B that we need to throw it away
because it 
looks and feels
too real.
it’s really gross.
i promise.
the frog is squishy and almost feels wet.
and if you step on it accidentally,
you are convinced that you actually stepped on a real frog.
that is somehow in your house. 
don’t even get me started…

the other day, it even fell out of the Christmas tree.
i was convinced it was something living,
coming out to attack us.

and just yesterday, 
B placed it on top of the fridge 
so that when i opened the door, the frog came with it. 
you bet i screamed.

he has since 
to never, ever do that again.

but i guess that’s just one of the things that 
little boys 
(and big ones)
are made of.

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2 thoughts on “just follow the frog.”

  1. Completely grossed out by the frog and think it should "disappear" immediately. My brother had a rubber snake growing up and he would terrorize my mother and I with it. Bob must have had one too! BOYS!!! 🙂

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