someone new.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

we have someone new to introduce you to.

isn’t he cute?
his name?
undecided at this point.
my vote?
mud puddles

K’s vote?

Bella bag.

my mom’s dog’s name is Bella 
and she has a little bag for her real dog to go in.
this little pup came with his own carrying case, 
so that is why i think K wants to name him Bella bag. 

i still think the name mud puddles is cuter.

K says that i am his grandmother.
thank you?

646. wireless printing
647. leftovers for lunch
648. a little helper who wants to clean the house with me
649. CBS starting back up
650. date night!

10 thoughts on “someone new.”

  1. These pictures are super adorable. And I like mud puddles too, but I'm there's no chance she'll call him that. 🙂

  2. tell her there's no way you can possibly be a grandmother for at least another 20 years!! Love that little crazy K!

  3. Huh? LOVE the new addition, but if she thinks YOU are a grandmother to "mud puddles/Bella bag", what does that make ME??

  4. too funny… =) I have those conversations with my daughter all the time too. She insists on naming everything puppy or cat.
    Great photos!

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