the new year.

to celebrate the new year,

B decided that we should get all dressed up. 
so, after putting L to bed, 
we got fancy. 

D made a few announcements 
to commence the evening of fun. 

and of course, 
K and babydoll had something to say as well. 

we enjoyed a delicious dinner
(prepared by B)
and pomosas. 

i was so cold so i had been wearing 
the ever fashionable white socks and a jacket with the dress. 
(which i of course took off for this photo.)
for some reason, white socks never really look good with a dress.  

earlier in the day, 
we put Christmas away.
B even brought in his 
manly shop vac
to clean up 

i love a new start.
a new, fresh start.

which is what a new year provides.
it is also what each new day provides, with Jesus.

for this fresh start:
i hope to be more disciplined and keep my priorities in check.
my priorities that i am first
a woman of God,
then a wife
and then a mother.
everything else comes after that.
i of course loved this blog post.

one thing that i have done 
in preparation for this new year is that 
i have updated my weekly chore list 
(inspired by flylady – the book not the website)
and have it laminated at my kitchen sink. 
to remind me day and night what must be done each day.

as my CBS study says, 
“Expect the Holy Spirit to motivate and 
strengthen you to obedient and holy living, 
Commit to acknowledging the Truth and 
expect Him to transform your life.” 

i hope that you may be encouraged and inspired 
by what God is going to do 
with the freshness and newness
that this new year provides.
if you let him.
i can’t wait. 
i hope you can’t either. 

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