i wasn’t sure if i was going to do this or not, 
for fear that i was already spreading myself too thinly 
(like normal)
on just this twenty first day of january.
but then, while i was resting in Him,
in a brief whisper from Him, 
i knew that i needed to focus on a word for this year
and i knew what this word was going to be.


i really struggle with being here.
i long to be here.
not here a couple of moments ago
or in a couple of moments when i reflect on my time being here.
but simply here.
right here.
right now.

my children constantly show me what it is like to simply
be here. 

686. resting in His Presence
687. the beautiful bright red pomegranates on my neighbor’s tree
688. one word
689. L continually doing touchdown
690. free babysitters

2 thoughts on “here.”

  1. What a great thought. Kids do have an innate way to be always present in the NOW…I find when I do reflect on the moment…and count the blessings I have vs. the ones I want, I'm at peace.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. It's so important to reflect and thank Gor for what is right in our life. That's how I get through the rough patchess. 🙂

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