we’ve finished.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

we have finished book one of the Narnia series.
it took us five days.
this is a record people, 
as i never have time to read books.
chapter books.
but, i suppose that it helps that i am reading to D 
and that K is just as happy as a clam 
entertaining herself while the big guy and i snuggle up. 
and you better believe we’ve already started book number two.

and yes, i always coordinate my outfit
with D’s
and of course, with the lampshade.

The light shines in the darkness, 
but the darkness has not understood it.
John 1:5

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681. hearing the funny things my kids say
682. that K can turn on lights by herself
683. that K can go to the bathroom by herself
684. that K can entertain herself
685. feeling that i’m firmly in His hands
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