a winter fall.

yes, i know that we are nearing the end of january.
and yes, i know that is is quite cold in other parts of the country.

but our leaves are changing and falling here.
and oh, is it ever glorious!

the kids and i headed to a park where we found
brownish-yellow leaves dancing all around us
as we enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine.

(please, please don’t hate me,
all of you who haven’t seen the sun in weeks.)
quite possibly one of my most favorite photos.

falling leaves and sundresses.
what could be better?

well, maybe
D’s fake smile.

or this sweet little guy, enjoying his yogurt.


691. afternoons filled with naps and football
692. going out to brunch for birthday celebrations
693. most of a day just to myself
694. my favorite quilt
695. chocolate covered raisins
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