whoa nelly.

this is going to be a big post.
it’s {embrace} the camera day!

on our way up to the wedding that B and i went to,
we took the kids to a
fabulous park
that was near where B’s first house was, growing up.
we all had a lovely time.
a truly, wonderful time.
i can always count on this guy to give a good smile.
and to think that the docs didn’t think he ever would smile.
the main attraction at this park is this pirate ship which is filled with sand.
there is a zip line that runs from the ship to a giant post in the sand.
the ride is over when the zip line bounces against this huge tire,
and your body is flung into the air.
everybody rode the zip line.
(don’t worry, i took L out of the ergo before i rode on it.)
L enjoyed watching.
K wanted to go again and again and again.

D even enjoyed himself on this thrill ride
(which says plenty).

every part of that zip line is original.
the rust gives its age away.
i do love how this rust from the playground
looks against the blue, blue sky.

our Christmas card will probably look a little like this this year.
the kids don’t do so well when they’re asked to smile.
but B sure does.

we spent the morning playing in the sunshine,

whispering to each other,

and simply had a glorious time.
(it’s official.
i now have too many favorite photos.)

we even went on a nice walk.

but of course the kids didn’t want to walk back to the car.
i think it’s safe to say that we have our hands full.

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