something new on the way.

i have an announcement.
there’s something new on the way.
more like someone new.
and no, it’s not us.
my baby sister
(who’s married to an army man)
is pregnant!
we are jumping for joy over here
and praising God for this new little life.
her dolly babe and L will be just short of two years apart.
my dolly babes can’t wait for a sweet little cousin.
in other news
(not nearly as exciting, though)
K and i have really been enjoying our time together.
doesn’t she look like tarzan’s wife, jane, here?
swinging might just be the very favorite activity of all of my children.
she’s got her daddy’s eyes.
again i say, who can turn down that smile?
not i.
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390. a new yard (more on that soon)
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