why, oh why can’t my children whisper?
at what age does that begin?
they try, they really, really try,
but their words just end up coming out
really, very
l     o     u     d     l     y.

yesterday we went to trader joe’s.
5pm was not the ideal time to go.
i know that.
but we really needed food.
and milk.
mostly milk.
oh, and bananas.
i think i have a bunch of monkeys.
truly, truly.
do you want to know what the best part about going to tj’s today was?
when we were finished shopping 
all three children were in the car
i closed the passenger door.
the children were inside the car
i was outside.
i heard silence for five whole seconds.
it was lovely. 
i took one deep breath 
and was ready to jump back into hearing the 
incessant call for
it’s a great world, don’t get me wrong.
but quiet is really nice sometimes, too. 

isn’t this bounty absolutely fabulous?

basil, tomatoes and bell peppers galore.
all from Grammy’s garden.
don’t the baskets make it even more lovely?
yes, yes they do. 

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