golf clubs and ointment.

it’s been a while.
much too long.
we’ve been busy.

it got all hot and steamy in the kitchen…
when i was cooking broccoli for L.

visiting Uncle S at my alma mater.

i told D and K that we were going on an errand to pick up a little surprise.
D said “well, you can tell me what it is because i am like your brother…”
the big kids each got a set of (plastic) golf clubs and what did little L get?
some ointment for his neck.
yep, that sounds about fair.

the biggest dolly babe.

gotta love that hair.

the cars are all lined up according to color.

and he sure does.


knocking it in for a birdie.

it is always a good idea to use your driver on the green.

we did a little gardening today. i suppose that’s what you would call it.
i hope that it will turn out like this, but i’m not so certain because i am not blessed in the gardening department. it’s probably because i can’t handle
to take care of right now.

just doing a little research for the new book (not about Tiger).

here’s to more of these gorgeous afternoons.

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