spring BREAK

i wish this were an april fool’s joke.

but it’s not.
by the way, how stinking cute is that little belly?
we had to do that with her shirt so that it didn’t have to be cut off later.

a salter one fracture (a growth plate wrist fracture).
it was the strangest thing. K was trying to “swing” on our arms this morning and none of us complied. so, she grabbed onto a hand and twisted herself around, which led to immediate tears that just
so, to the pediatrician’s office we headed.

from there, we were sent to the orthopedic surgeon’s.
here she is getting x-rays like a champ.

after everything we’ve been through with L, this cast thing was no big deal. only two and a half hours later and we were back home. compare that to a quick “sick visit” with the doctor for L, which turned into a nine day stay in the hospital. in the words of Katherine Wolf’s husband, Jay “it takes a lot to scare us these days.”

as we were sitting in the orthopedic surgeon’s office, i was thinking about how great B and i are for each other. like they say in the movie the graduate, we
“make a good team.”
he has the strengths that perfectly compliment my weaknesses.

she’ll just have to have this perfectly pink accessory for three weeks.
no biggie.

it’s funny too, because this morning i not only felt this immense love for my kiddos, but i relished in it. it wasn’t one of those mornings where we were rushing around so quickly that i wouldn’t have realized i hadn’t eaten breakfast or brushed my teeth until we were long gone from home. maybe it was because we didn’t have PT for L this morning. or maybe it was my innate desire coming through to really just be.
to be in the moment.
the other day, i had even put on my to do list “be present.”
this morning was filled with so much peace.
so much love.
it was so calm.
it was so beautiful.
it was so lovely.
the fog is being lifted and it feels amazing.
colors are brighter.
and life is more joyful.

for the joy of the LORD is your strength.
Nehemiah 8:10b

thank goodness my parents were able to hang with the boys while B and i got in some good quality time (is that what it counts as?) with K.

in other news, we were able to visit the cousins this week.
it had been a long time coming (months since we’ve seen them) and boy was it great.

here are the only two girls (out of seven cousins). with that curly hair they look so much alike and luckily both of their favorite colors are pink.

just cooking up some dinner.

between B’s sister’s family and us, we’ve had an unspoken deal
(okay, not really but it sure does seem that way)
to have a child
since 2003.
we aren’t planning on a 2010 baby but maybe they are??? we haven’t heard yet.
i’ll be sure to let you know.

right after this photo was taken, the little one on the left crashed onto the floor. weird because he looks so happy that K is holding onto him.

oh, trader joe’s. how we love you so. you are the only errand where my children cheer when they hear we are coming to visit you. even though you give my children way too many stickers at each visit and they somehow end up everywhere, including on the baby’s foot, we are grateful for the peaceful (well, not always) and fun shopping experiences you provide us with.

hope this year’s april first will be the only memorable one for us.

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