motherhood is not for wimps

she is just so camera shy.

i set up the egg coloring and then nursed L at the table. thirteen seconds into it
the pink cast tosses over a cup filled with pink egg dye. luckily, B was able to come to the rescue.
and most importantly, the cast did not get wet
(we have to get her a new one if it does).

what goes perfectly with a pink cast?
pink nails and toes, of course.

just as i finished, D came running in the house
announcing that there was a slug outside.
K then asked “mommy, can i go outside with the boys?”
girlie-girl she is not.

as i was washing her cast-less hand today i smelled a sour smell coming from
the hand with the cast. there was icky gunk in between each and every finger.
i cleaned them out with a q-tip and i’m trying not to think about
what’s in between her thumb and pointer finger (which i can’t get to).
too late.
i’m already completely grossed out.

a rare family shot
(thanks, Grammy!)

we’ve been absent from church since mid-december so worshiping at the
hollywood bowl with this many people was awesome.

the post-church celebration starts and what is D doing?
he’s sleeping soundly on the couch.

and the race was on!


D went far and wide to find the most eggs.

pretty soon after the egg hunt began, K realized that the hard boiled eggs
didn’t have anything inside them except well, eggs.
so she left those ones behind.

Uncle S with L.

the eggs were everywhere today.

so were the “beans” as the kids called them.

as B was reading it’s a small world this morning,
he asked D what country he was from.
“the united states.”
B then asked K what country she was from to which she replied
“it’s a small world after all.”

painting the sun for our new solar system craft.

enjoying the backyard.
but not really because i wouldn’t let her
water the flowers,
play in the sand,
dig in the dirt
ride her scooter.

i got the MOST incredible box from a dear sweet friend. my absolute favorite item is the pillow. when i showed it to L today as he was eating solids i swear that he laughed.

we have a new addition to our family. something that will (hopefully) be with us for years and years and years.
and nope, it’s not a dog.
it’s a square picnic table.
B was kind enough to let us have it painted my absolute favorite color of all
although, he kind of freaked out today when after it rained the table looked pink.
and yes, i am about as thrilled as can be.

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