my sister (the artsy one) told me about this months ago.
i don’t know why it took me so long to try it out.
oh, wait a minute. i do know why.
i have three children.
anyway, i finally tried it and love it!

there wasn’t any sense of organization to our books before this so doing this doesn’t mess up any system we have. plus, if i did have a system it would have been messed up long before this. actually, this new system will probably be messed up as early as tomorrow. let’s just all enjoy the way it looks right now.

she’s looking a little “material girl”

D and i built one of his favorite things this morning. actually to be fair, i built one of his favorite things this morning. he just watched.
making the forklift was tough, i’m not going to lie.
and what did he do right after i finished? he asked me to make a robot.

it’s B’s Gramma Pink’s birthday this week. isn’t that the
i love it.
it’s so perfect for her.
so perfect.

since we couldn’t celebrate with her (she lives on a different coast)
we decided to celebrate without her.
and send her photos of our celebration.
without her.

so, the kids and i baked a rainbow cake (from this site).

i was going to make white frosting to make the rainbow colors really pop when we cut into it but then D had the best idea.
pink frosting.
for Gramma Pink’s cake.
he is such a good idea man.

it turned out really really well. i was both surprised and amazed.

i decided to post this because she doesn’t even own a microwave
(yep, she’s that old school),
let alone a computer, so she won’t see this and have the surprise be ruined.

our house is clean.
just messy.
in my ongoing frustration of constantly finding stuff everywhere,
i decided to take photos of all of the stuff everywhere.
there you have it.

do you ever have that strong desire
to grow.
to change.
to be changed.
i do.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is
his good, pleasing and perfect will
Romans 12:2

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