PT and trains go hand in hand.

look at my boys.
aaaah, how i love them so.

as i was in the middle of eating my lunch, i noticed that the fridge door was wide open. the worst part was that there wasn’t a soul around to blame.

D snuck in a short nap yesterday. i tried everything to get him up but, the only thing that worked was to invite him to have cookies and milk with me.
worked like a charm, of course.

how can PT be so bad when you can work on pulling yourself up using a box of trains?
unfortunately, L doesn’t want to learn how to pull himself up
and he has no idea how fun toy trains are.

how fabulous that this flower matches the bowl so perfectly.
springtime, we welcome you.

every afternoon i love seeing what will be reflected on our glossy ceiling.

what makes a haircut in the backyard go famously?
thanks a million, L.F.!

this morning, when my parents got to our house to
watch L while we went to our Bible class, D said to them,
“you have to come into my mom and dad’s bedroom to see what my mom did!”
they each followed.
“she made the bed!”
well, there goes any attempt to convince my parents that i make the bed every day.
and for the record, i rarely make it, okay?
the choice is usually between getting dressed and making the bed.

i’m not perfect.
nothing close to it.

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
Romans 3:23

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