B was on a quick business trip over the weekend.
somehow, we all survived.
i’m not even being sarcastic.
boy, was i tired when he returned. i took the 20 minute nap he offered me and slept for nearly three hours. it was monitor-free and it was lovely.

it rained on saturday so what did we do? well, we enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows of course! but not just any marshmallows. marshmallows from Israel. you may wonder how we have marshmallows from Israel. to be honest, they just showed up on our counter one day. i would bet that Auntie B had something to do with it though.

D is at such a great age in many ways.
he politely asked for two marshmallows and when i told him that he could only have one, he asked me to cut it in half so that he could have two. i did him one better and cut them in half again so that he could have four.

i don’t know why i had never thought of it before. it’s probably the extreme sleep deprivation i have been experiencing for well over ten months (bedrest in the hospital definitely counts. can anyone say mrs. davenport?). while i was making something in the kitchen, i asked the two big kids to entertain L in his bouncy seat. he generally enjoys (beware, i use this word lightly as he really just barely tolerates) the bouncy seat for about three-and-a-half minutes. he loved their dancing and was especially fond of D pretending he was a dog. L even had a good chuckle over that. D and K are now assigned the job of distracting him while i need to get food on the table.

L was super excited for the Oscars and begged me to put on his fanciest onesie for the event. too bad his bedtime arrived before we started watching it.

this afternoon, D wanted to play computer games but i realized that i was in a little time crunch. i needed to bake some sweet potatoes (for L’s solids) so that the oven would be free for our insanely delicious prime rib dinner. so what’s a mom to do? i had D scrub the potatoes and i held L. much much better than me trying to clean potatoes and hold L. yeah, that wouldn’t have happened. in no time, D was playing on the computer and the potatoes were in the oven.

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