i was able to get a jump start on the week. yesterday morning, i showered (so rare to do this in the morning), blow dried my hair (even more rare), started laundry
AND pureed sweet potatoes. all before 8:30am. thanks to B who watched all three kids
(no simple feat… i should know) while i worked my tushy off.

yesterday, the kids and i were able to visit with my
most inspirational friend, Katherine Wolf. she visited me in the hospital before L was born, brought me blue hydrangeas (a southern custom) and encouraged me beyond my wildest dreams. suddenly, my six weeks in the hospital seemed so minor compared to all that she has endured.

yesterday, we commiserated over ongoing health insurance issues and the benefit of therapeutic programs. but what we have both experienced as a result of
the power of prayer has been miraculous.
truly miraculous.

as the kids and i scurried off to meet L’s OT, i couldn’t be anything more than encouraged and uplifted. we may have a long road ahead of us with our little L,
but knowing that we are able to share in God’s glory is more than enough.

i let K do the dishes.
she didn’t break anything and proudly showed her dad
the huge pile of dishes stacked in the sink.
i guess it was better than having them on the counter.

their more serious sides.

the bros just hanging out.

controlled chaos.

when D was younger he asked me if i became pregnant while eating him. today while eating lunch, he asked “how did L get in your tummy?”
he was satisfied by my response that God put him there.
inquiring minds want to know.
phew for now.

most people know that when their child wakes up happy that they’ve gotten
enough sleep. well, when K wakes up belting out “we wish you a merry Christmas”
(this happens more than once a week) i know we’re in for a great rest of the day.

i am convinced that she would eat him up if she could.

how rare it is for me to take photos of my sleeping children. but, since D shouldn’t have been sleeping (he cannot get to sleep at night if i let him nap during the day. seriously, last week i enjoyed the silent and peaceful house while all thee kids napped and D was up until 10:15pm. i told him that i was going to bed so he had to also.)
i figured there was no harm in waking him with the sound of my camera.
of course, he slept right through it, so i had to resort to tickling.

for someone who loves order, i am bewildered at the fact
that he doesn’t mind wearing two different socks.
he truly is a combo of B and me.
i could never do such a thing.

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.
Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ,
if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.
Romans 8:16-17

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