the opposite of hibernation.

watching tv yesterday morning.
all of these buddies are so important to these kids yet when bedtime rolls around, they have no idea where they have last put them. once each and every one of them are found, the seven-minute (if we’re lucky) routine of setting them up perfectly
in each of their beds begins.

“i want to eat an elephant!” K says.
after much conversing, i discovered that apparently that meant that she wanted to eat her o’s and milk
the elephant cup.

my little love bug.
Praise God.
after months and months and months and months (i wish i were joking) of dealing with the state (i.e. fighting for every single thing imaginable) we’ve
f i n a l l y
been accepted into a wonderful mommy-and-me program that will be just perfect for our sweet little guy. i cannot wait to start.

just working on his sitting in the bathtub in the family room.

in her new pack ‘n play that is the perfect size for baby doll.
and for her, i suppose.

this afternoon, B and i took the kids to toys r us. it was wild.
it was the complete opposite of hibernation.
here are the kids in their first cadillac. the craziest thing about this car is that the radio worked. either that or NPR is a standard feature (i can’t take credit for that… it was B’s joke).

in the past, both B’s uncle and my uncle and have been put in intensive care units
from motorcycle accidents.
so because of that,
we see a motorcycle, we say “motorcycles are dangerous.” my hope is that the thousand and thousand of times over the years that my children hear this will form a subconscious message in their brains that motorcycles are dangerous.

as you can see, it’s totally working.
and yes, she is making motorcycle noises.
her first boyfriend is going to ride a motorcycle. i just know it.

the reflection of the sun going down on the rear window of the car.
what a beautiful day it was.

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