i think the most inefficient element of my house in the laundry situation. don’t get me wrong, i love doing laundry. it’s the folding and putting away that gets me.

my least favorite thing is searching amongst this humongous piles of clean clothes for that one item i need.

my parents took the big kids for the night last night. while enjoying a very quiet morning, B and i had some delicious chocolate croissants with only L around. it’s so amazing how when you have your first child everything is so overwhelming. but, when you have three and two go away for the night, one child is sooooo easy.

the very first thing i did with a quiet(er) house was clean the bathroom. i relished in the fact that it wasn’t dirtied by two cute little bodies for a whopping 19 hours.

how can he be this happy and sleep so terribly at night?
now, that’s the question.
oh well. he’s pretty darn sweet.

it’s always a good day when Auntie B visits.

the verse that i am really, really, really, really trying to focus on is:
“Do everything without complaining or arguing…”
Philippians 2:14

and boy is that hard.

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