not what we expected

well, i bet you’ve all been wondering what we
have been up to since hibernation has ceased.
it’s been terribly exciting.
too exciting.
and very memorable.
so fun, that after a very pleasant time out of the house on monday morning, we were headed to trader joe’s and then the library on monday afternoon… of the very first day back in the real world. but, on our way into trader joe’s i pulled a muscle in my back while getting L out of his car seat. it was so horrendous as i wasn’t even sure if would be able to get L back into his car seat. i couldn’t speak and was in so much pain. pain worse than childbirth, dare i say. i waited for a few minutes in absolute pain and then bit the bullet and put L back. we went home and waited in the car for B to come home and rescue us. i spent the next 16 hours in bed. and it wasn’t restful sleep, it was uncomfortable sleep. i thought that instead of calling my blog
capturing motherhood,
i should have called it
capturing fatherhood
because B was doing everything.
and i mean everything.

after being on bedrest for six weeks while preggo with L, once those six weeks were over i made B promise that he’d never give me breakfast in bed again.
well, there i was having breakfast in bed. but, i wasn’t enjoying it.

what a way to celebrate our first few days of freedom. yesterday and today have been mellow days … quite similar to hibernation. too similar. today was the first day i was able to pick up L. until now, B would just bring him to me when i needed to nurse him. i am on the mend though. back to capturing motherhood.

yesterday, B had a fancy dinner to go to with my parents (golf related) so we all headed to my parents’ for the afternoon so that i could get some help. we packed up this much stuff (and more) that we needed for only a few hours if you can believe that.
i bet you can.

singing along to her beautiful song.

the kids have full reign over my dad’s office supplies.
and yes, this is a huge rubber band adorning K’s head.
and yes, pink is her favorite color.

L loved the new environment.

i got up with the kids this morning (B usually lets me sleep in until 7am).
and yes, that is considered sleeping in in our house.
this delicious little moment was before the other kids woke up.

for some reason, K decided to color on herself today.
i don’t think that this one was intentional.

but this zebra arm was.
and so was the red bic pen she used all over her legs.
i guess she’ll be wearing pants tomorrow to our Bible class.

today, while on the phone with my mom, K explained that “we were in the parking lot at trader joe’s and then mommy’s back hurt and she grabbed her back and said it hurt. and then we came home.” she finished her story with “and i have a cute dress on.”
one lesson in storytelling is to personalize your stories. she’s got that covered.

we got to see Grammy for a little bit this afternoon. L was mesmerized.

tonight, D hurt his foot so B had it
airlifted to the nearest hospital with his toy helicopter.

that’s the end. there isn’t any more.
looking forward to a more “normal” day out of hibernation tomorrow.

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