day fifty nine.the end of hibernation

last night, B and i heard some pounding noises coming out of the big kids’ bedroom. we thought it was D getting out of bed. we turned on the light and this is what we found instead…

what a silly, silly girl.

heading down to the very high tided beach (we ended up going to a different one because this one ended up not having any beach at all… just a lot of water).

we celebrated this
day of hibernation
with a fun family day at the beach!
and yes, we did stop at coffee bean on the way.

L and i hung out, put our toes in the sand and
watched the crazy kids run around with their dad.
it was perfect.

the day was filled with building,


having a ball,

and getting as sandy as humanly possible.

when we got home, i put L down for his third nap. he was rolling around in his crib so i went back in to tuck him in. well, he greeted me with one perfectly prepared raspberry and a big smile. i got the message alright…
he wasn’t going to take a nap.

i’ve learned
a lot
over these last fifty-nine days.

most of all, i’ve learned to not let those little mundane moments slip by. the ones that distract you from whatever it was that you were on your way to do. the minute simple moments. i’ve learned to turn those into unmissable moments.
moments to cherish for a lifetime.

i’ve also learned that if i’m ever stuck in the house in the future,
we will survive.
we will think of crazy and new things to do.

i just don’t want to do that anytime soon.

i have also learned that even though there were those few nights where the thought of updating the blog seemed laborious, i really enjoyed blogging. accomplishing something from start to finish was so rewarding and just what this mom needed.
and needs.

it’s also been so great to wonder “what did we do last tuesday” and to know exactly what we did.
what made our day special.
different from all the rest.
so… i have decided to continue blogging.
i will not be blogging every single day but i will still update the blog often.

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