oh, sleep.
L’s sleep has improved.
i know.
i’m in shock, too.

he’s dropped his nap
and is not beginning his day
in the middle of the night anymore!
i almost feel like a new person.
i’m hopeful that this is the start of something new.
something deliciously new.

and i know that my hard heart needs to be softened.
consider joining me on instagram this month
as i remember to stop and receive the gifts
that God so graciously pours down on me.
on all of us.

you’ll find me at@capturingmotherhood.
and i’ll be using the hashtags,


if you remember, i did this last year with my sisters,
and it was such a gift to my weary heart.

and if you feel like you need a little nudge
in the direction of joy, get the book,
one thousand gifts.
it will change your life.
i promise.

All Scripture is God-breathed
2 Timothy 3:16a

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