real life is messy.sleep

our littlest love humbles us to no end.
especially involving sleep.
sometimes it’s great
but lots of the time
it’s not.


his new kick has been to start his day at 4:47am.
and we’re going on two months of these shenanigans.


to say momma is tired is an understatement.
i’m not sure i’ve ever been this tired.
in my entire life.


so in an attempt to get L to sleep later,
we are taking away his naps.
so far, he’s made some progress…
unfortunately he’s only slept 6 extra minutes.
but we are hopeful that this change
might be the thing that helps him.
and us.
mostly us.
because he’s not the cranky one at 4:47am.
the cranky one would be me.


we enforce a rest time in our house
(it’s mostly for me).
so because he wouldn’t let me leave his side,
here he is.
and here i am.
(not resting.)


photo (7)

not enough sleep

Jesus is bigger than all of this no-sleep nonsense.
and that no matter my circumstances,
He can work and
He can shine through.


i will post a
blog post every week
and encourage you to
reveal your messy real life to others
by using this hashtag on instagram:

and a special thanks to all the ladies
who joined in on instagram.

keep ’em coming.
let’s change hearts and minds in blogland.


That is why, for Christ’s sake,
I delight in weaknesses,
in insults,
in hardships,
in persecutions,
in difficulties.
For when I am weak,
then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10

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