birthday and blessings.

the happiest of happiest birthdays
to a one-of-a-kind friend, KS!



i sure wish i was on a
surprise plane flight
coming to see you right now.
but i’m not.
so don’t be disappointed.
i’m really not.
on a plane.
coming to see you.
but i am realizing
that i if was going to surprise you again,
this would be the perfect setup.
but i’m not.
you’ll have to enjoy feddy’s without me.
which isn’t hard because freddy’s is amazing.
(check out my wild adventures
here and here from last year)


and, i have been
so completely and incredibly inspired
by this gal
and what she is doing this year
with her sisters-in-law.
she has invited everyone to participate,

so i have asked my two sisters
and my newest sister-in-law
to join in
(my other sister-in-law
is a homeschooling mother of nearly six
i don’t think i need to say any more…).

we are

all women,
all wives,
all followers of Jesus.

oh, how blessed we are.





one newlywed.
one army wife.

one has her own letterpress studio.

one attempting to capture motherhood.


i will put each of our daily
thankful photos
on my blog.
to share with all of you.
i invite you to join us in this journey.
here is our first set.




Your compassion is great, O Lord;
Psalm 119:156a


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