the new thing.


this little teasing post

from last week?
well, here’s the scoop.



L works hard.
he works really, really hard.
he has hours of therapies each and every day
and he’s  progressing,
it’s just a very slow progression.
but a progression, none-the-less.



and our little man

is obsessed with walking.

and by obsessed

i mean that he wants to walk

every second of every day.

so B and i hold his little body up

and we walk.




and when it’s dinner time or bath time or just

not-time-to-walk time

he cries.

and cries.

because he just wants to walk.

but the thing is, he can’t walk.

not by himself.



that is, until now.
God has provided a gait trainer (a walker)
for our little L.
something we had only dreamt of getting him.



we got the initial pre-authorization

right before Christmas

from our new amazing health insurance

and you better believe

i did everything i could

to get things lined

up as soon as possible.


we were told that it would take

“months and months”

but we crossed all of our “t”s and

dotted all of our “i”s as fast as possible.

and exactly

ten days

after we placed the official order,

yes, just ten days,

this amazing new piece of equipment

was delivered to our home.

i know.

our home.




and there’s more.

(isn’t there always more when it comes to God?)
L’s PT was here for the big reveal
and was able to watch
this life-changing experience
alongside all of us.



and now we have it
and it’s ours
and L couldn’t be happier.
i didn’t know he could be a happier kid.
until now.
the joy is just seeping from his little body.
his little



and my favorite part?
my absolute favorite part?
holding his hand.
while he walks.
it’s incredible.



So neither he who plants
nor he who waters is anything,
but only God,
who makes things grow.
1 Corinthians 3:7


1821. L walking by himself

1822. recognizing the blessings this life

1823. the noisy stomping of feet

1824. dance parties

1825. holding L’s hand



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