oh boy.
last week, i was wildly doing too many things at the same time.
why do i ever think i am being more productive that way?


after dropping D off for his art class,
i went to the post office
with the littles
(the real one,
not the secret one
hidden in my pharmacy)
and all too quickly, i realized
that that was a really dumb idea.
it’s a dumb idea in may
and it’s a really dumb idea in december.


we then headed to TJ’s to do our grocery shopping.
we got everything on our list
except for the silly giraffe they hide for the kids to find.
i can never find that giraffe!
we almost always need a hint of where he is.


so then we race off to pick up D,
five minutes late,
then head to one of those secret post offices
in time before it closes.


and guess what?
in the end,
we had three whole minutes
to spare.
and i had three silent children in the car,
licking lollipops.



merry, merry Christmas eve.


For we know,
brothers loved by God,
that he has chosen you…
1 Thessalonians 1:4


2491. new ipad games
2492. a happy little boy who took a short nap
2493. the sun shining through the windows
2494. two bags of sand
2495. lollipops

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