a baby hippo.

you probably don’t know this,
but it’s been a rough couple of months
over here.

it’s all quieting down now
(i hope and more than hope, i pray)
but God has been there.
with us.
through the thickest of storms.
and the longest of nights.
and He greets us with His most comforting arms
single moment.
of this life.
this mist of a life.


we don’t pray for storms to not come our way.
no, we know better than that by now.
because we know that the storms will come.
in fact, we are promised storms.
all of us.
you and me.
but we pray for His strength to pour over us
so that we may respond with the peace that Jesus provides
and the thankfulness to Him,
even in the biggest of messes.
and we pray that our hearts
would be bound
even tighter
to Him who saves us.


so because of all of that,
i have slowed way down the last couple of months.
because i had to.
for my family.
for me.


i love taking photos.
i absolutely,
love it.
but i had to take a step back.
and not a tiny step back.
a huge one.
and not just in the photography category.


i was able to do this shoot.
and oh, how i soaked up every second of it.
and this photo,
this photo
might just be
my very favorite photo
that i have
ever taken.



and wouldn’t you know it,
this sweet little friend of ours
was telling me how she dreams about a baby hippo.
my heart is so full.
it is so so very full.


Why, you do not even know
what will happen tomorrow.
What is your life?
You are a mist
that appears for a little while
and then vanishes.
James 4:14


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