picture me {im}perfectly.things in this life

sometimes things in my life
seem so big
and so uncontrollable
that i have no choice
but to look to God
to lead me
and guide me
and give me His strength
and His wisdom
and His perfect peace
to get through it.




and i know that he does that on purpose.
because i am either going to be crushed
or i will cling to Him.
it’s up to me.

but God is so good.
even in those really tough times.
He’s moving.
in my life right this second.
this second.
and this one, too.



He’s using people around me
to let me know that He is here.
that He knows.
because He does.
and He sees.
and how He loves me
(how He loves us all).
He wants me to turn toward Him.
and nothing else.


ask Him to show you His love.
and He will
show you
every time.
in ways never expected.

but it’s beautiful.
and life changing.
and I can’t imagine
going through this life,
this sometimes tough, relentless life
without Him by my side.
and neither should you.



picture me {im}perfectly
is a weekly project to reveal
that we don’t have it all together.


i will post a

picture me {im}perfectly

blog post every wednesday

where you will be able to link up to your blog

revealing that:


you are not picture perfect,

your kids are not picture perfect,

your house is not picture perfect,

your crafts are not always picture perfect,




inspire and


other women

that none of us have it all together.

add my button to your blog post
and link up to your direct posting
and feel encouraged.


For you were once darkness,
but now you are light in the Lord.
Live as children of light
Ephesians 5:8


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