where to begin?
probably where i so abruptly left off.


things have been busy around here.
and i mean really, really busy.
like to the minute
all day long
every day


so what always happens when that goes on?
that’s right,
momma gets sick.
and sick is what i got.
so sick that i spent three days in bed.
and yawning when i was awake for moments
in between sleeping.
it was awful.
and terrible.


theoretically, having a break
and  spending it in bed for the day
sounds really scrumptious.
but in actuality, it’s completely horrid.


feeling awful,
bored by sleep
but not being able to possibly do anything else.

hearing the sweet laughter
from the kids playing in the house,
in the backyard.
missing out on life
while i was just there.
in bed.
feeling helpless.
feeling yucky.
waiting for His healing to come.
trying so very hard to be comforted by Him.
only Him.


and one of the very hardest parts for me?
having to be reliant upon others.
having to surrender.
to just let it all go.
the thoughts.
the plans.
the hopes for today
and most likely tomorrow.
while the rest comes
and settles on my aching bones.
and makes me feel whole again.



but now i am better.
and not only am i better
but i feel so good to not be in bed
it feels so good to feel like i normally do.
and i realized that i take that for granted.
every single day of my life.

i will say, it is nice to miss your kids.
even their fighting now
somehow seems (slightly) endearing.


and boy have things changed around here.
more of that to come soon.
very, very soon.


Not only so,
but we also rejoice in our sufferings,
because we know that
suffering produces perseverance;
perseverance, character;
and character, hope.”
Romans 5:3-4


2401. not watching L’s monitor
2402. butterflies dancing in our backyard
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2405. the Light seeping in

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