that day.

do you remember that day at the beach?
well, here are the rest of the photos (finally).

my happy little man.
who is nearly always happy.
except when he’s not.

it was sensational
on that day.

like nothing we’ve ever experienced before.

windbreakers and the ocean?
you bet!

the guys doing manly things.

the girlies.

my girlie.


the sweetest little boy in town 
with one of the best aunties.

how incredible is that orange boogie board.
so incredible.

the little athlete of the family.

trudging through some water. 

they are always happy to get in the water.
which they never get to do 
when i am the only with them at the beach.
we do a lot of looking at the water on those days.

the birds 
(photo thanks for B)

the sun got lower and the day drew darker.

our little hermit crab.

Cast your cares on the LORD 
and he will sustain you
Psalm 55:22

1441. two sweet little girls
1442. a great teacher for my little D
1443. limes
1444. dinner already made
1445. catching my breath
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