ten on ten.september

the hubs and i just returned from 
a little getaway in the great state of texas.
we went to austin 
(my first time)
for a beautiful wedding.
much, much more on all of that soon.

but first, here’s my ten on ten 
(a tad late)

1-a very, very early start to the trip
2-airport waiting
3-buckled in
5-the W
6-a quick lunch
7-being pampered 
(check out that wall of polish)
8-everywhere you look 
you are reminded of 
the state that you are in
9-our fabulous view
10-two of me

1446. being in a great state
1447. uninterrupted conversation.
for days
1448. smooth and easy travels
1449. texmex
1450. bbq

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