really quiet.

B has been working really hard
on some sweet little gifts for the bigs
(more on that soon).

so as we headed out the door 
bright and early yesterday morning,
these little gifts were waiting on the front porch
for D and K.

orange for D
(of course)

and pink for K.
(of course)

my sweet little D started kindy yesterday.

i can’t believe that my first-born is already school-age.

i cried like a big baby after his teacher
took the kids to their classroom.

but i’m okay now.
i think.

it was really, really quiet with
only two kids at home.
really quiet.

and he loved every moment of his day
(of course).

1436. the moon, out early to greet us
1437. new friends in the neighborhood
1438. a breeze
1439. ice cubes
1440. confusion being ironed out at the pharmacy

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