austin.part three

here is the third, 
and final part 
of our fabulous trip to austin. 

B wrote an incredible political novel  
which comes out in may 
from thomas dunne books/st. martin’s press
(don’t you worry, i’ll be sure to give you 
the full rundown when the time comes).
a good chunk of the book takes place 
in and around the texas capitol
so a guided tour was a must. 

i will spare you from having to see 
the hundreds and hundreds of photos i took there
(because i am a good little research assistant, of course).
but i’ll show you a few of my favorites.

here’s B in the house chamber
(we got special permission to enter 
the roped off area and go up on the dais).

a well-worn staircase.

it was so unbelievably hot there.
it really was. 
i just couldn’t get over the heat.

so after that,
we did what any good tourist does.
we went to chik-fil-a.

and then we headed out of town 
to a swimmin’ hole.

it was like nothing i had ever seen before.
and there were a total of six other people there.

B was super adventurous
but i am a bit of a wimp 
when it comes to stuff like this.
i got all the way to my knees.
but then i got spooked by the turtles and fish 
i was convinced would try to eat me.
i know that my sister, Aunt WW 
would have jumped in without a second thought.
but that is not me. 
not at all.

the best part, though is that 
B knows that this is who i am 
and he loves me just the same.
because seriously, those animals 
were totally going to try to eat me. 
i just know it. 

so while huck finn swam around,
i hid behind my camera and captured it.

he even jumped off the rope swing. 
and just think,
if i had been swimming around, 
we wouldn’t have these photos.

the air was about 109 degrees
and the water was a crisp 70 degrees. 

the tree trunks just went right into the water

and this little waterfall had a little cave behind it.
which B told me about
when he went swimming under the fall.

the water with the clouds in the sky.

we headed straight to the airport after that 
and it feels like we haven’t stopped since.

To the LORD your God belong the heavens, 
even the highest heavens, 
the earth and everything in it
Deuteronomy 10:14

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