austin.part two

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even though we didn’t set one alarm,
B and i both woke up promptly 
at the exact time our children would have been waking.
in another state.

we headed to brunch with two other couples
and then saw the city of austin.

we visited a popular coffee spot

and just sat.
yeah, that was weird.

we were greeted by this friendly turtle

and B enjoyed a nice cold cream soda
while i had my coffee fix.

we then headed back to the hotel for a quick swim

and then got ready for the big event
(the wedding).

it was beautiful
and heartfelt and
the minister was the bride’s brother.
i know, how special was that.
so special. 

the bride and groom were equally laid back.
which was hard for me to handle 
since i am 100% type a.
like i needed to tell you that.

the location of the reception was incredible.
it used be an old church in a small town in the center of texas
and the building was moved to austin in the late 90s.

it was light and bright and just perfect for a party.

we had a lovely time at the reception.

B and R.
also known as “two of the three pranksters.”

the other prankster and his lovely wife.

the bridesmaids all had different dresses on.
and even though that maid of honor 
probably would have helped our prankster husbands, 
she couldn’t because she wasn’t allowed any essential information 
 like the whereabouts of the bride and grooms bags, either. 

all eight of us.

us wives.

pretty soon, it was time 
for the bride and groom to leave the party.
(isn’t her dress just adorable?)

they were sent off in a sea of bubbles,
and that was that.

the day ended with a beautiful sunset, 
filled with streams of clouds.

and i have decided that austin is just about 
as beautiful at night as it is during the day. 

No one will be able to stand up against you 
all the days of your life. 
As I was with Moses, 
so I will be with you; 
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
Joshua 1:5

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part three will be next week!
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