the exhibition.

if you remember,
i recently posted about a new little project
i was working on.
well, here’s the full scoop…

last spring,
the university i attended
emailed all of the alumni from the school
asking for art submissions to
be displayed in a special alumni exhibition this fall.
i submitted three photographs, 
and they picked one of them!
and it’s on display until the end of november.

to be considered, i had to submit 
an artist’s statement 
(thank you, google for explaining what that was to me), 
a brief bio and 
a resume 
(mine hadn’t been updated since 2004).

i felt so overwhelmed and out of the real world loop
that i almost didn’t turn in my entries.
but, thanks to my husband’s encouragement 
(and for giving me 10 minutes away from the children 
to get all of the papers in order) 
i did.
and i am so very happy that i did. 
it was really special for me to have a photograph on display.
a photograph where i captured 
a fleeting little moment of my child.

it is called:
playing in the dirt.

and she was as happy as can be 
to have a photo of her in an art gallery. 

and he was as happy as can be 
because that’s just who he is.

the fam and 
the photo.

the bigs and me.

and the lovely flowers from Auntie B.

And why do you worry about clothes? 
See how the lilies of the field grow. 
They do not labor or spin. 
Yet I tell you that not even Solomon 
in all his splendor 
was dressed like one of these.
Matthew 6:28-29

1486. the cheerfulness of sunflowers
1487. the perfect afternoon at the beach
1488. meeting up with a whole group of great girls
1489. extra little people in our house
1490. a husband who cheerfully bathes the bigs
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