KS visits.part 2

when she’s not flying in from the middle of the country to visit,
KS and i have a standing phone date. 
each and every week.

it’s so incredible how much life we can share 
in those 
quick fifteen minutes. 

and, it’s amazing how much life we can share 
without living near each other.
although, we do often dream about 
what it would be like to be next door neighbors.
we’d share our morning brew 
(especially since we are both totally and completely addicted),
we’d practically live at each others’ houses,
our girls would play baby doll together,
our little boys would nap at the same time,
and our husbands would golf with each other. 
especially since hers just shot 
a nice, low number while she was out to visit.
it would be really lovely.
i’m sure of it. 
but, until then, we’ll just hold onto our weekly phone dates.

(photo taken by K)

and here she is loving my baby like he is hers. 

she even babysat
all three children.
so that B and i could go out on dates.
not quite.
we had a kindy to tour and a 
parent/teacher conference to attend.
but, B and i did hold hands
and our conversations weren’t interrupted,
so it was kind of like a date. 
kind of.


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