KS visits.part 1

KS came to visit.
(more on her here and here.)
i know.
isn’t she one of the best?
one of the best, i tell you.

look at her in full mommy mode.
even though none of her children came with her.
here she is, on the phone with her kiddos 
(who were back home)
while entertaining mine.
by the end of the visit, 
my kids were referring to her as “other mommy”
(a name they’ve only called my sister).

and what out-of-state visitor can refuse going to the beach?
not a one.
we made sure that it was one of our first stops.

and oh, was the sun shining!
it was a glorious day.
and, when my kiddos started fussing 
because they were tired of being strapped in the stroller, 
she didn’t even flinch. 
now that, my friends, is a blessing.

stay tuned for part two of her visit. 

836. the warm wind
837. a party with the big kids
838. metal bowls that make clinking sounds
839. watching L flirt with his therapists 
in order to get out of doing the work
840. legos, legos everywhere
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