KS visits.part 3

as it always does, 
our visit went by way too quickly.
how does that always happen?
one moment she is arriving and the next, the visit is over.
but we have carefully outlined many future trips to visit each other
(and maybe even one thrown in there without any children).

(photo taken by D)

(of course)
never ran out of anything to say,

enjoyed lime dr. peppers with our kid-free lunch
the oatmeal, chocolate chip, butterscotch cookies i had prepared 
along with her oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies she had prepared.

we even got all gussied up to go out to a night on the town 

with our friend KP
which ended at the late hour of 8:30pm.
(i think i need to invest in some heels 
if i am going to hang out with these lanky girls.)

we stayed the night at my parents’ condo

where we posed for this 
much-too-early morning shot 
(with the red of my camera strap on the left).

yep, that’s right
it was the second time i have stayed the night away from L. 
and the first time was when he was 
admitted into the PICU at Christmastime in 2009
i don’t like to think about that night though.
but this night at the condo?
oh, this night was heavenly.
we stayed up and chatted 
while eating fro yo 
until it was much too late in the night.
we had to set alarms in the morning
so we would be sure to make it home in time to take D to school at 9am.
it was 
dark and 
quiet at the condo. 
i don’t remember the last time i set an alarm 
to be sure that i was up by 8am.
that is definitely one perk about having children.
we’ll call that a perk.

and then we dropped her off at the train station 
because have you know it, 
KS is a world traveler. 
and how adorable is she?
too adorable.
she is such a fashionista.
(do you notice her “sippy cup” filled to the brim with coffee?)

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