her outfit.

my little girl loves to dress herself.
and i’m all for it.

especially if it saves me a few moments when we are scurrying around on any given morning.
even when her outfit does not at all match.

even when she has two shirts, a dress, a jacket, a skirt and pants on.
but sometimes
(just like me)
she needs a little help in the wardrobe department.
actually, that’s not true.
i need a lot of help in this department.
she just needs a little.

case in point.
her baby’s playmat is firmly attached to the tutu she is wearing underneath her dress.
but you know what? she didn’t seem to mind.
so i won’t either.

796. L’s word “uh-oh”
797. rain and fireplaces
798. tons and tons of new little leaves on the trees in the backyard
799. watching a movie with just D
800. extra help

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3 thoughts on “her outfit.”

  1. "uh-oh" on the wardrobe malfunction. HILARIOUS. Oh so cute. Uh-oh was one of Sam's first words too. Love it. Love love love.

  2. Funny. My kids all dress themselves starting at a very young age. Jordis (my 2 1/2 year old was walking around with a pull-up velcroed to herself the other day (a clean one).

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