picture me {im}perfectly.

i like things to be nice and tidy and organized
and when my children or my house are not that way,
(a.k.a. nearly all of the time)
i get distracted.
so distracted in fact that it takes me completely out of the moment.

i can’t function if things are out of their places.
i can’t see my son’s great art design or
hear my daughter’s new song or
enjoy my baby’s new skills while on the floor.

it is really too bad.
and it’s not one of those things you would mention in a job interview
when asked what one of your weaknesses are.
it’s not something you could somehow disguise as a strength.
because it’s not. 

and if i’m angry or really tired?
oh man… 
for some reason,
that’s my “ideal” time to clean up the house.
which of course, makes zero sense.
but that’s when i just can’t deal with the messes anymore
and i must do something about them.

but the ironic thing is, 
i generally get distracted from the things that are
to me
and only 
half clean up
and half do
what i know i should be doing.
and in the end, everybody loses.
and my counter still looks like this:

picture me {im}perfectly
is a weekly project to reveal that we don’t have it all together.

i will post a 
picture me {im}perfectly
blog post every wednesday 
where you will be able to link up to your blog
revealing that:

you are not picture perfect,
your kids are not picture perfect,
your house is not picture perfect,
your crafts are not always picture perfect,

inspire and 
other women 
that none of us have it all together.  

add my button to your blog post
until next wednesday
and link up to your direct posting
and feel encouraged. 

801. the little boy whose rolling body sweeps my floor daily
802. medicine that takes fevers away
803. delicious smelling candles burning on a rainy day
804. freshly cut flowers that stun
805. brown sugar. 
plenty of brown sugar.

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