the squirrel.

truly, truly,
i would not have been able to sleep 
these past few nights
without your prayers. 
i would have been watching little L 
on the video monitor
but instead,
i have felt the Lord’s peace cover over me.

now, onto something a bit different…

K came running in from playing outside.
she was quite upset.
and it wasn’t because her hair was a mess.
she said that a squirrel stopped and looked at her.
“he thought i was his mother, but i wasn’t.”

she said he looked at her like this.
i think i would have been scared, too.

D tried his hand at making a squirrel face.

and L just thought they were both being ridiculous.

You hem me in–behind and before; 
you have laid your hand upon me.
Psalm 139:5


666. B’s availability to watch the big kids today

667. something new for dinner
668. the ability my children have for making me laugh
669. hearing “this land is my land” sung from the big kids’ bedroom
(even though they should be asleep)
670. new music

2 thoughts on “the squirrel.”

  1. Ah super cute…I maybe missed a post about L, but my prayers and thoughts are with you guys. Hopefully all is right in your world.

  2. you must tell K that I have a huge love of squirrels! I've had your pasta 3 times in one week! And I'd love to know what your new dinner is that you're thankful for!!

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