this season last season.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

as i get 
more and more
excited about the beginning of this advent season, the
more and more
my mind goes.
goes to last Christmas season. 

last year, we were on track to have a wonderful couple of weeks
preparing our minds and our hearts
for Christ’s birth into the world. 

and then,
we were thrown into one of the most horrible
experiences we have ever experienced. 
in no time, B and i found ourselves 
handing the bigs off to my parents 
(yet again),
sleeping at the hospital 
(yet again)
and not knowing when we would be back 
(yet again). 

everything about this season takes me back.
our advent wreath
(which we didn’t get to finish lighting last year),
putting up Christmas decorations
(which we didn’t get to enjoy),
baking sugar cookies
(which we didn’t get to eat),
driving around looking at Christmas lights
(which we didn’t get to do),
sending out Christmas cards 
(which i did while at L’s bedside in the PICU),
our Christmas eve service at church
(which we missed),
and putting the kids to bed on Christmas eve
(which we didn’t get to do).

as i can’t help but think about last year,
the fear begins to slowly seep in
until it has gripped me and has total control over me.
then, the joy is completely lost. 

“Do not be afraid… your prayer has been heard.”
Luke 1:13

but everything about the anticipation of this season 
also takes me back to the comfort and faithfulness of God.

although we didn’t experience
a typical Christmas morning at home,
we felt God’s comfort and experienced His faithfulness
the entire time L was in the hospital.
and even more so when he was released.

which did happen.
much earlier than doctors expected.

that’s right, bright and early on Christmas morning, 
B, L and i got to come home.
and boy was that joyful.

i am savoring every moment i can this Christmas season. 

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…”
Joel 2:25

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