advent tree.

well, i am so sorry that i am not getting this out 
into the blogging world until today.
i tried, oh how i tried,
to get this done sooner,
but it just didn’t happen.
you know how that goes.

the kids have their advent calendars but this one is for me.
i put it high up on the mantle so little fingers can not touch it. 

so here goes… 
the advent tree

i was inspired by this and this

first, i spray painted some branches.
well, actually, i started to spray paint some branches 
but then i ran out of my new favorite color of paint. 
so the two littles and i went to our local craft store and
(of course)
they were out of that color. 
does that ever happen to you?
it happens to me 
seriously. everywhere i go. 
anyway, i got some acrylic paint
(because i can be flexible)
in the same color and hand painted the remaining branches that way. 
that was definitely not the most ideal way to do this, but oh well!

i then cut little squares out of white cardstock
which were 2″ by 2″
then, i punched a hole in one of the corners and
wrote the numbers 1 through 25
at a diagonal angle in each corner.

i wrapped each square into a cone and taped them. 
i then filled each cone with God’s Word (see the list below).
i wrote each Scripture on a piece of brown paper bag
(which has each adjoining cone number written on the back),
and folded them to fit. 
the Scripture i used is the Christmas story compiled from both Matthew and Luke,
which a mom at my mom’s group gave out a few years ago.
it was driving me crazy that i couldn’t remember where i had placed it. 
well, lo and behold, when i opened up 
my Christmas decorations storage bin, there it was!
i’m more organized that i thought. 
well, not really, but at least i found it.

day 1. — Matthew 1:18
day 2. — Luke 1:28-33
day 3. — Luke 1:34-35
day 4. — 1:36-37
day 5. — Luke 1:38
day 6. — Luke 1:39-45
day 7. — Luke 1:46-48
day 8. — Luke 1:49-52
day 9. — Luke 1:53-56
day 10. — Matthew 1:19-21
day 11. — Matthew 1:22-23
day 12. — Matthew 1:24-25
day 13. — Luke 2:1-4
day 14. — Luke 2:5-6
day 15. — Luke 2:7
day 16. — Luke 2:8-12
day 17. — Luke 2:13-14
day 18. — Luke 2:15-16
day 19. — Luke 2:17-19
day 20. — Luke 2:20
day 21. — Matthew 2:1-2
day 22. — Matthew 2:3-6
day 23. — Matthew 2:7-8
day 24. — Matthew 2:9-10
day 25. — Matthew 2:11

just don’t look too closely 
or you will see that only 
days one through three have Scripture in them.
i’ll get there. 
slowly but surely. 

here is the advent tree in yellow advent for Auntie B. 

maybe some of you who made the tree did it this way already,
but i was feeling a tad overwhelmed by
needing to write the entire Scripture passage on
each piece of paper. 
while lamenting over this to Auntie B, 
she simply suggested that i write the verse address only.
problem solved!

“How will this be” Mary asked the angel,
“since I am a virgin?”
The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you,
and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.
So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.
Luke 1:34-35


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  1. What a fabulous idea! I try reading the 4 gospels from December 1 to the 25th each year. It brings so much more meaning to the Christmas season. I love everything about your advent tree — the tree, the colors, the scriptures and the meaning behind it all! Best of luck in the competition for The Top Blog! ;o)

  2. Your tree turned out great. I'm glad I was able to inspire a little. I've had fun looking at your blog…praying for your sweet boy. How did you find my blog?

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