a real retreat.

yesterday, i got to have a real retreat.
and not one of those frantic two hour ones that i try to have a couple of times a month.
an actual
restful retreat.
away from everyone.
(that part was key.)

it included:
a warm fire

thinking about what my priorities are as a:
woman of God.
keeper of the house.

praying about this year’s verse:
From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. 
John 1:16

and really trying to transform my sometimes:
mindset into one that focuses on the multitude of blessings that i have received from God.

creating a new weekly schedule
loud music
making lists
crossing things off of said lists
getting acquainted with our new ipad (can you even believe it? i can’t!)
reading B’s finished book
and not being interrupted.
not even once.

lest you think that my husband just offered that time to me, i won a bet.
a very good one, indeed.
i am now thinking that that we need to bet more.
a lot more.
or maybe, i can somehow work a monthly retreat like this one into our schedule.
what do you think, hon?
i think it would be good.
really good.

611. quiet
612. being away
613. the eager anticipation of returning
614. letting thoughts completely process
615. counting my blessings
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