oh how i adore you, pastels.

we have been doing lots and lots of 
art projects around here these days. 

medium of choice? 
one of my favorites.
i absolutely love the richness that they offer. 

and here’s a drawing D made for Gramma Pink.
earlier that morning, B told D that it was snowing in Pittsburgh. 
so, it’s a picture of her shoveling snow.
this makes my heart melt.
i almost didn’t put it in the package for her because i wanted to keep it for myself.
but i suppose a photo of it will suffice.

thank you to everyone who voted!
i was awarded 
top five blogs of 2010 
from the blog guidebook. 
i feel incredibly honored. 

616. listening to mickey mouse disco
(a very special thank you to Mrs. H and 
an even more special thank you to her dad, Mr. S)
617. K wearing her princess/butterfly dress-up clothes
618. saltine minis
619. more Christmas celebrations
620. pondering new year’s resolutions
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