i never thought.

today, i became the kind of mother i never wanted to be. 
i feared that someday something like this would happen to me.
and it has.
and i have been humbled.
oh, how i’ve been humbled.

you see, i am a mom, 
so i know where most things are at any given moment.
don’t believe me?
just try me.

the green racket ball? 

the tiger toy from Miss G? 
in the middle toy bin in the family room.

the noisy antelope musical whistle?
on the top, top book shelf.
(where it belongs.)

the sesame street coloring book?
under B’s bedside table.

extra clothes for babydoll?
in the small pink purse which is hanging on the toy stroller.

the toy stroller?
tucked in the corner of D & K’s bedroom.

this doesn’t mean that each item is in their ideal place.
it’s just where they rest. 
you see, i am organized by nature
which means that it really bothers me when things aren’t in their proper places. 
i can’t always get to putting things back in their ideal locations,
but i sure notice when they aren’t where they belong. 
so back to today.
before preschool this morning, 
i could not find D’s sneakers.

i looked:
under beds,
behind doors, 
in laundry baskets filled with clean clothes, 
laundry bins filled with dirty clothes,
(sidenote: how do the dirty laundry bins get 
mostly filled up before i seem to put the clean laundry away?)
under tables, 
amongst wooden train sets, 
in the musical instruments 
behind the tv.
to no avail.

i couldn’t even find one of them.
totally frustrating. 
misplacing items makes me go bonkers. 
don’t get me wrong, i misplace things 
but that’s why i hate it so very much. 

you’re probably thinking…
“big deal, just have him wear some other shoes”
so in case you didn’t know, i am super frugal. 
D only has one pair of sneakers because he only needs one pair of sneakers. 
and here’s the kicker…
his preschool requires kids to wear sneakers. 
and here’s the other kicker…
i am a rule follower.
(as you probably remember)
i love rules. 
i love the comfort that come with rules. 
so i was tempted to keep him home from school today.
but i quickly realized that was probably rediculous.
so, off to school we went with a sandal wearing D.
i explained to the head of the school our predicament and she (thankfully) understood.

but that still did not solve where the shoes ran off to.
i began wondering if someone possibly took the grungy, worn shoes from our front porch. 
i couldn’t fathom that possibility, so i just kept looking.

lo and behold, 
the sneakers were found!
they were in an empty pot, on the front porch. 

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